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About The Club

Linguistics Club (LC) was established in the fall of 2010 within the Department of English Language and Literature at International Burch University. LC serves as a platform for students to develop academically and socially and explore a variety of language and language related fields.

Through a wide range of annual activities, students are allowed to display their creativity, talents, and skills outside of the regular curriculum.

Past events

In the last 5 years LC organized a number of events and worked on publishing the biannual magazine „Courier“. The Club welcomed professors from other universities, prepared workshops, organized literature days, held film and book discussions, as well as lectures about various aspects of language. Additionally, LC attended and organized diverse plays where students got the opportunity to learn about and experience editing, directing, and acting.

Upcoming events

In the new academic year 2016/17, the Club will continue with its traditional events, and add a number of new ones. There’s an exciting year ahead, packed with lectures, trips, and more, as we venture to expand our knowledge of linguistics, and explore some of the best movies and books out there. The Club is open to all members, and we are eagerly awaiting your applications.

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“To speak a language is to take on a world, a culture.” ― Frantz Fanon


The Team

Liguistics Club

Teamwork makes the dreamwork!

  • Ana Tankosić
  • Nail Kalač
  • Hasan Okanović
    Vice President
  • Sadžida Ramović
  • Naida Kadić
  • Raid Ćulah
  • Medina Mahmutović
  • Kenan Ćatić
  • Damir Bešlija
  • Alesandro Tomić
  • Nadira Šišić
    Courier magazine editor
  • Nejla Babić
  • Enisa Bajić

“Language disguises thought.” ― Ludwig Wittgenstein


The Goal

The Mission

Linguistics Club aims to inspire a general interest in Linguistics and related fields among Burch University students, host Linguistics and language-related events for the public, provide a forum for advising Burch students on their ideas, questions, and projects, and help students in their understanding of Linguistics and languages.

The Vision

Linguistics club gives students a chance to get together outside the classroom, find out something new about language, get a chance to coordinate one of the activities, and learn a lot of new things. It is open for all of you who show interest in linguistics and literature. The club hosts prominent figures  in an effort to bring current linguistic research to the students.


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We organize great activities for those who love linguistics


Latest Activities

Spelling Bee contest

On December 15, members of the Linguistic Club organized advanced Spelling Bee contest at the university level. Spelling Bee is

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